My Ski Boots

Throughout this process, I have added several ski boots to my quiver, and I’ve now visited three custom ski boot fitting shops. I had been referring to the boots simply as my “new boot” and my “old boot”. This terminology won’t work anymore, so I started referring to specific models and specific boot fitters. Listed below are the ski boots (and their associated boot fitter) that are subjects on this website. You can look for posts that discuss specific boots or boot fitters by clicking on their respective category links in the sidebar of every page.

Ski Boot ModelPurchase MonthSizeCostBoot FitterStatus
Salomon X-Wave 10 ’05-’06January 200624.5$$$Boot Fitter 1They are not perfect, but they work. I still primarily ski with these boots.
Lange Super Blaster 120 ’10-’11February 201125.5$$$Boot Fitter 2Terrible. One size too large. Also never wide enough. Returned to the shop for an exchange. I no longer have these boots.
Tecnica Agent 120 ’07-’08September 201124.5$Boot Fitter 3Skied with once. Not wide enough. Caused excruciating pain.
Lange RX 110 ’11-’12November 201124.5only pain, suffering and frustrationBoot Fitter 2Fitted recently. Have not skied on them yet. Initial prognosis is not good. These were the boots I received for my exchange of the Super Blaster 120.